Training brainstorm

Training brainstorm: for employees and managers

Teamwork technologies for solve problems of the organization are becoming increasingly popular. Training «Brainstorm» 100% allows participants in a short time to come up with a large number of ideas, and find a way out of difficult situations.

We offer you training in brainstorming techniques in corporate wormatia worms, which can be useful to your employees in the following cases:
— It is necessary to make effective use of staff resources to generate new ideas.
— Employees need to learn how to apply and use brainstorming techniques to his work
— You have planned an event and you want to include a series of brainstorming sessions to find new solutions
— Your company’s strategic planning session and brainstorm need to develop options for a new strategy.

Key issues brainstorming training:

Part 1:
— Analysis of the current situation
— Methods for the formulation of the problem
— Methods of visualization / graphic representation of the problem

Part 2:
— Types of brainstorming sessions for specific tasks
— Classic brainstorming
— Method 365 or breynrayting
— 6 Thinking Hats method
— Lesser-known techniques of group creativity

Part 3:
— Rules of operation during brainstorming
— Generation of ideas and teamwork
— Passage of a series of brainstorming sessions

Part 4:
— Summarizing
— The selection, grouping and sorting ideas
— «Search for pearls», the selection of the best ideas
— Ground and approval of the selected options

Part 5:
— Group work on action plan
— Working through incremental implementation of ideas
— Allocation of responsibilities
— Preparation of project schedule
— Putting key metrics for monitoring
— Fixing a plan of action and first steps

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