Brainwriting training

Brainwriting training for your Personnel


For many people Brainwriting, as a method for the rapid generation of ideas, known also under the name «method 635», and is designed for group work staff, aimed at finding new ideas. The main highlight of this method is that working in a team of 6 people you can in 30 minutes to create 108 new and unique ideas for your business or your new project, and find 108 ways to solve a complex problem.

Brainwriting training very suitable for corporate format and duration usually takes from a few hours to one day. If your employees have never worked before on this method, the most effective return from this method, they will receive an invitation in the case of an external moderator or business coach.

The problem of the external coach to explain the rules of Brainwritings sessions, spend a few cycles of the search ideas and help your team to select and evaluate the results. Also during Brainwriting for training, you can select 1-2 employees, which in the course of the training can be trained moderation functions. This will allow them to continue holding sessions Brainwriting own.

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